World Stroke Day: Act Quick to Prevent!!!


World Stroke Day

World Stroke Day

“What’s your reason for Preventing Stroke”. –
The theme for World Stroke Day 2017!!!

Many times taking vise decisions for maintaining good health and helping yourself to get used to a healthy lifestyle is always better for preventing any of deadly diseases and sudden attack. From eating junk food and getting overweight to consuming alcohol, smoking and not taking proper sleep is the main cause of 80% of stroke among us and stroke is number 2 killer in the world. This could be avoided by taking care of certain risk factors.

We care for you and on this World Stroke Day here are some tips that will guide you to avoid a stroke and reduce the risk.

Do moderate exercise 5 times a week

Exercise for Good Health

Exercise is the first and foremost thing that cure 90% of your health issues. You just don’t need to go to a gym for that. Using staircases, walking, cycling and swimming will not only help you maintain weight but also cuts the risk of stroke. Add on to it we can also do gardening. Physical activity will keep good heart health. Use Daily Activity Tracker to track your cycling, jogging, calories burn for a day which will help you compare your goals with other day and motivate you to exercise more.

Eat healthy, balanced diet

Eat Healthy

Work on reducing your cholesterol. This can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke even when your level is not high. Exercise to reduce weight. Keep your eye on what you eat. Eating fruits, vegetables and low sodium food will help you maintain a distance from the stroke. It will also help tackle obesity or excess weight. Keep health of your arteries by checking the level of LDL cholesterol which is also known as bad cholesterol it should not exceed 1.6g/l. It is the major factor that causes heart diseases. Get customized diet plans which will help you in Diabetes Prevention and Management.

Maintain balance BMI or WHR

Calculate BMI and Waist to Hip Ratio

Body Mass Index (BMI) also know as Quetelet Index and Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) should be well maintained to prevent stroke. BMI greater than or equal to 25 is considered overweight and overweight people have more chances to get a stroke. It is easy to calculate and within seconds you can find it just by knowing your height and weight. Follow good diet reduce the daily intake of more calories and you will get good heart health. Don’t wait for any disease to harm you Calculate your BMI for free and start working on that.

Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and Alcohol will double the chances of stroke. It will affect your heart, lungs, kidney and every part of the body and make you fall sick. Take help of your friends, family members, and specialist to quit both smoking and alcohol. It will maximize the chances of your success. Also, yoga and exercise will help you do so. Connect socially maintain work to life balance. Have few minutes? Take Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to know your wellness score.

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