Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Christmas and New Year …


Christmas New Year Health Tips

Merry Christmas

Its that wonderful time of the year again. The time frame between Christmas Eve and New Year is generally known for Drinking in excess, Overeating and being not very active over a period and on average most people gain 2-3 kilograms. Gaining a couple of kilograms not sound like a big deal, but just within a week so less than that it’s will the straight three months to get off. Over an average calories intake on this days are 7000 which is over three times our recommended daily intake.

Let this Christmas and New Year season be the year you take control of your and of your loved one’s health. Staying healthy during this season is all about planning and keeping your health as the main focus. Here are tips for staying healthy over this period …

1. Keep the focus on fun, not food

Keep the focus on fun, not food

Most holidays are associated with the special food that brings with them. Same the or Christmas and New Year we visit our loved ones and we eat almost all the dishes they have made. Keep in mind food is not the main focus but to meet, visit and to enjoy with all energy.

No need to starve between parties, eat plenty of vegetables and drink water a good amount it will help you keep your body healthy and hydrated all day long.

2. Stick to your routine

stick to your routine

It is very important to keep up with you’re daily routine and regular exercise. Though it is very hard to get up and get going when you have had a late night, push yourself to your regular exercise routine it will help you stay active, positive, motivated and healthy all day long. Getting exercise done in the morning means that you beat the heat as well as ensure you fit your training is done early, and you can then spend rest of the day being festive.

3. Watch on your drinks

Watch on your drinks

Alcohol is loaded with sugar and empty calories, so go easy on the drinks. It will not only affect your health but also damages your liver and will make you dull and not active in a group. It will also not let you enjoy properly. Add a glass of water between each drink, it will help you stay hydrated. Make sure we limit our drink for the day so that it will not become a habit and our daily routine.

Not only Alcohol affects your body but also cocktails. Avoid going to cocktails parties on empty stomach, because after a couple of drinks your sugar level drops and you will end up having a bad day there onwards.

4. Cut down your own Christmas tree

Cut down your own Christmas tree

Rather than buying trees that are bit old and drying alongside the road from weeks and weeks, visit a tree farm that allows you to cut your own tree. It will be fresher and less expensive what you actually buy from malls or roadside. You’ll also burn some of the calories that you have had in the form of cookies and other sweet plus you will get some good ideas after walking on the street looking some other Christmas tree decorations. Your family will have one more memory from holiday to look back on.

5. Take care of your digestion

Eating in Christmas

The day following party most of us often suffer from headaches and stomach pain. Lemon juice which contains vitamin-c should take on an empty stomach, it will help you fight against the unpleasant morning after. They help you relieve migraines and help purify the body by expelling toxins and burning fat.

Drinking lot of water helps counterbalance the dehydrating effects of alcohol and hangover. Green tea, fennel, black radish and mint infusions help cleanse the liver, while ginger, cumin, and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in the wake of excessive consumption of fat and sugar.

6. Take a guilt-free nap

Take a guilt free nap

In the festive season when you eat some extra calories, some dishes that are heavy and which takes usually long time to digest than the normal one. Give yourself some additional rest. Though you are at the office you should take 20 minutes of Power Nap to get going in second half.

It will bring good focus and will help your brain to build logic fast and in an easy way rather than feel sleepy and not so productive throughout the day.

7. Check your Mental Health

Stress in Christmas

Christmas can be the tough time for many of us and can really test your mental and physical health. If you’re fighting against mental health then it much likely to look after your body as well.

Take a deep breathing this exercise will help you to recover your energy and it will also add benefits of massaging your intestines. Breathe in through your nose and relax throat while pushing out your stomach. It will help you feel relaxed and stress-free.

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