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On World Yoga Day we have a Blog by our Guest Blogger – Meetu Singh

My journey into yoga began about 5 years ago, when I found myself hit rock bottom, after a long term relationship had fallen apart, on top of that my high flying job as an international flight attendant for one of the world’s best airline, which I was very passionate about seemed to lack luster, and felt like I was heading nowhere. The sense of general dissatisfaction in all aspects of life, accompanied by deep throbbing pain in my heart left me completely devastated.

I started to look for answers, not the answers and resolution that people normally look outside of them, finding solace in friends and family, shopping, possessing more material or success, drinking…anything to numb that pain which usually is a call to look deeper inside you us. Instead to taking that usual route, I was dedicated to healing myself on a deeper level, I was not looking for a temporary pill to numb my pain, I was looking for the root cause of all the pain and distortion that we carry in our being without even knowing.

One fine day, in my attempt to desperately find some answers, I was trying everything holistic until one day I found myself in a huge community class out in the nature in Dubai. After the class, I felt there was something in there for me. Even though I had known yoga and took a random class here and there, this was completely different or I was in a different stage of life and felt as though Yoga was my calling. I got more curious and decided to take a teacher training course so that I could teach myself, and within the next 6 months, I was in India taking my first Yoga Teacher Training course. That journey opened so many doors and consequently I took many other courses and studies which evolved into my spiritual awakening.


Unlike popular belief and media representation, Yoga is a journey of going inwards, that’s where the magic begins! You start connecting with who you really are, and your life starts to shift at so many levels. The well-known benefits, irrespective of what type of yoga you practice, you start to feel blissful, stress starts disappearing or at the least, you begin to deal with it better as you are more relaxed now. This ancient wisdom from our sages is now being proven for its benefits by scientists and educators worldwide and meditations are becoming popular in schools, corporates and pretty much everywhere.

Yoga on a physical level has innumerable list of benefits from optimized circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system, low blood pressure, optimized heart health, but the benefits run deeper in our subconscious as our awareness shifts through yoga and we start to see the results in our everyday reality, as our focus shifts to what’s more important, relationships become more authentic, and the unauthentic ones almost magically disappear. There is a general decluttering that happens in all spheres of life. Values of unity, oneness and love start to run deeper helping judgements dissolve. Living with an open heart and gratitude becomes the way of life”.

Yoga 2

Four years later, my journey took me to evolve to place where I ended up quitting my high flying sought after job, to share my passion of yoga, helping people to find that joy and peace which lies within all of us. Yoga is the greatest way to connect ourselves to our inner being. My life has evolved and transformed magically and now I work full time as a Holistic Wellness Coach, where I share and inspire people through what I learn everyday on my journey as I will always consider myself a student of Yoga.

“My yoga is a constant practice of self-enquiry.
It is a journey of self-acceptance not self-improvement.”
If this article sparks a little interest, I would like to invite you to take the first step towards your  mind, body and soul wellbeing, by taking a class at your nearest studio and embark upon a journey of self-enquiry.

About Meetu SinghMeetu Yoga Instructor

Daughter of a Flight instructor, Meetu grew up in a small town of UP and was surrounded by planes. However her small town roots didn’t stop her from taking to the skies just like her father. She worked as an Air Hostess with Qatar Airways and Fly Dubai, saw different parts of the world and saw every possible flower she could see. Yes, she loves flowers. She worked as a model as well but finally found her calling in Yoga and is now a full time Yoga instructor in Dubai, helping people find happiness within. Please follow her Face Book Page: Meets Yoga or her on Facebook: Meetu Singh and if you are ever in Dubai, please attend one of her sessions.

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