Tips to Protect your back in Office …


Protect Your Back in Office

Protect Back in Office

Sitting over more than eight to nine hours on the computer is the main cause why most of us end up with a back problem and joint pain nowadays. The common cause for back pain at the office are strained muscles or ligaments, wear and tear, bad posture and stress. Our backs are used and overused and then the problem can also lead to leg pain, hip problem and more. In order to protect your back and spinal health check out this simple tips you can do to vanish that pain.

Keep your head up

keep your head up

Sit straight, avoid putting your head down while working, align your head and neck right above the shoulder. Sit parallel to your laptop or desktop. Because once you make a certain angle instead of sitting parallel to your workstation it will start creating a problem in your head by pulling your head and neck forward and down and eventually back will get affected.

Correct your sitting posture

sitting posture

Poor position while sitting has always created problems in the back and due to this, it created more pain. The first and foremost thing to sit in balanced position is to relax your body and then make comfortable yourself with the chair and adjust your sitting position properly. Set reminder and at every alarm check your sitting position as you work a whole day.

Lift heavy objects carefully

lift heavy objects carefully

Sitting alone is not the only problem that causes back pain if you are lifting heavy weights and objects incorrectly will also result in same. If you think you’re young and strong to lift any box then you will end up injuring your lower back. Don’t just lift any object fast be steady, calm and lift it slowly.

Choose chair that is perfect

choose perfect chair to sit

An ergonomically designed chair will help maintain a good posture of you while you sit in the office and are specially designed to support your spine and body. However just buying a good chair is not enough you have to make adjustments in the chair according to individuals body to make feel comfortable and reduce spine problem. Also, adjust your chair so your knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle.

Rest your foot while you sit

rest your feet

Consider using a footrest if your feet are not touching the ground. Adjust the chair according to your height. If you’re making your feet allow to be in the air or wave accordingly then it will result in neck and back pain. Keep in mind your foot should not be at a higher position than your hips and don’t cross your legs while you sit because it will then be difficult to keep the spine in the straight position.

Don’t twist your neck to pick phone

don't twist your neck on mobile

Holding a phone between your ear and shoulder for more than five minutes is always a bad move while you work on the computer or if you are writing something, you will soon get problems in head, neck and shoulder. Instead, use speakerphone, earphones or use a phone in opposite hand your writing or using a mouse. Otherwise, there will be numerous pain problems in your spine and back.

Exercise and improve physical health

exercise and improve physical health

The spine is one which reflects the overall health of your body. Anything you do to keep your body fit such as Gyming, Stretching, Swimming, Aerobics, Zumba, etc. will also benefit your spine as well. Any wrong can injure your back. With Exercise drink lot of water, have good diet plans, limit drinking alcohol and stop smoking.

It is also important to get sound sleep cause too little sleep can worsen back pain.

Take breaks every after one hour


Get up at least once every after one hour rotates shoulder, get coffee or tea for yourself, go to washroom keep moving for at least five minutes. It will help reduce the pressure on your spine and help you sit with more energy and with less amount of stress.

Anyone facing back pain you already know how badly it affects your day to day routine and life. Take sensible precautions and keep your body working smoothly while you sit more on the chair. We hope these tips help you minimize back pain. Other than this you too can change office setup such as using a standing desk or using a yoga ball to sit.

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