Importance of Power Naps at Office Hours …


Power Nap

Power Nap

If naps are so good for us, then why can’t we take at work? An Afternoon nap helps you get needed energy to tackle your second half of the day. A 15-20minutes of a nap in afternoon can improve your concentration, sharpen your logical skills, improves your attitude and make you more productive. A nap a day could keep not only Doctor but also Therapist, away.

Benefits of Power Nap

Benefits of Power Nap

Before talking about how to take nap between office hours lets see benefits of Power Nap. Lack of sleep is linked to many of the scary diseases, like Alzheimer, Depression, Memory Loss and Cancer. Power nap doesn’t mean you have to sleep for an hour or two. The main goal is to reap the revitalizing benefits of sleep in the least amount of time.
After you wake up from your power nap you will likely to enjoy:

– Awesome Memory Recall
– Sharpened Motor Skills
– Relieves Stress and Boosts Immune System
– Improves Heart Health
– Prevent Cell Damage
– Improved Concentration
– Better Alterness

You may also enter slow-wave sleep if you sleep more than 30 minutes. And then this will be counter-productive, as many of us might feel dull and like more sleeping. But on another hand, it might be the case and possibility that person next to you will feel relaxed and refreshed after taking a long nap. So it is always good to test your self with different nap lengths until you find which one suits you.

Unfortunately, the culture of many corporate does not allow to take naps in between and your office will not have a designated room for napping. Not to worry. Heres how you can take a nap, without getting heat.

Power Nap in Office

1. Your Cabin

You are way ahead of the game if you have a nice separate cabin or private room. Shut your door, switch off your phone and computer, keep the head down close your eyes and relax.

If you don’t have cabin place your workstation to low traffic area. This is a good idea in, either way, you can take a power nap if not will be more productive without extra distraction.

2. Conference Room

Know meeting times so that while taking a nap in conference room no one will interpret you accidentally. A conference room, you will find a great place to take a power nap. They will have doors without windows. So you can always schedule a meeting in the conference room without inviting anybody.

3. Gym

Many gyms and activity classes provide proper lounges that are perfect to take a short nap then get up and push your limits. It is always good to consider taking a short power nap in evening mostly before you start your daily workout.

4. Parked Car

Always park your car bit far from your office. If anyone asks why you park so far, tell them you need exercise. If your office has car parking always park at end of it. This will help you take a Power Nap when you need. Stick a note to your desk explaining why you are not there on your seat. Go to your car, push back your seat, set phone alarm and take a nap.

5. Nap in Restroom

In every office, there’s a restroom either at the back of particular office or if it’s a common building then a common washroom for that particular floor. Leave your workstation and carry a laptop, with a phone call and pertain if it’s an urgent call, carry 2-3 manila folders, so its look like you’re going to a meeting. Put things on your lap, place elbows on your lap hold your face in hand and go for it.

Key to a Successful Power Nap

Success of Power Nap

Where you take a power nap is not important, important is to fall asleep without getting disturbed.

1. Keep Phone Away

Major distraction now days is the cell phone. Not only distract you from naps but a major culprit who distract your night sleep. It is always a smart step to keep phone far away so it won’t reach to you, it will help you go to sleep fast without wasting a valuable time.

2. Eat and Drink Right

Eating heavy, more of a fat, carbohydrates, sugar, tea, coffee an hour before you want to take a nap will distract your mind and keep you awake. Instead, take a glass of milk it contains protein and calcium and will also help your stomach if it’s grumbling.

3. Nap after Lunch

If you feel taking a nap it is always a good idea to take it just after lunch. Also referred to us as Siesta. A post-lunch nap has an advantage over your body. It helps food to get settle right in stomach, burns and create energy and then for proper digestion.

4. Proper Routine

Eat on time and make a habit to your body for every single work you do should be on time. So fix a time that you are comfortable with, take a nap at a fixed place, you can also listen to mild music so that body will send a signal to your brain that its time to relax and take a nap.

5. Make it Quick

A power nap is to boost your memory, cognitive skills, creativity and energy level. So do not ever consider a nap is an hour long sleep. Set up an alarm for 20-30 minutes or less, Nap in a dark place or wear an eye mask, Stay warm as your body temperature drops while you snooze.

Stigmas of Power Nap

While many research and studies show that there are lots of benefits of the power nap and stated that napping is beneficial to way to reduce stress. There are also stigmas associated with a power nap.

– Napping indicates laziness
– Lack of Ambition
– Low Standard
– Low focus towards your work
– Napping is only for Children’s, elders and for sick

Though above statements are false, we have to make sure that segments of the public need to be educated on benefits of napping.

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