National Nutrition Week – Eating right is a Lifestyle


National Nutrition Week

Nutrition Week!

“Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health” – Theme for National Nutrition Week 2017!!!

Every year National Nutrition Week is celebrated from the 1st of September to the 7th of September to make the people aware of the Nutrition for their Health, to gain knowledge of Nutrition and how important it is for Human Body. Peoples Lifestyle has changed a lot and now it is one of the first priority to look over Eating Habits, proper Diet and Healthy Living.

Food Guide

Nutrition is very important for the Human Body as well as many another living being to carry out daily tasks and to work accurately, effectively and efficiently through out day. In today’s date, the main problem in India is, many of us are facing Malnutrition there are lots of people who require proper diet for proper body growth and for good Health. Our government and many NGO’s are taking initiatives to make India free from Nutrition problems and there are many for Pregnant Women’s, Children’s and for Adults. They are conducting seminars, camps and educating people in villages and also in cities how one should live healthy and good life by maintaining Nutrition value in them.

Employee HealthPeople are working Physically and Mentally both and to stay whole day active it is essential to maintain Nutrition Level in them. People are very curious today to make their Body grow to work better and more in their Companies. For this, it is necessary to maintain Healthy Diet and take an intake of good Food and eat Fresh. So it is quite Important for the people to create a better attitude towards the Health. It is very necessary for us to get every Important Nutrition to their Body to work quickly and properly.

People are working a whole day to achieve their goals and in that it has become very difficult to maintain the body when one is working more than their limits. Addition to this we are adding more of Junk Food to our body than eating proper food. We nowadays love to eat more of a street food and outside food than home cooked and this is the main reason why we are getting unhealthy more often. Health will not affect when a person is eating in the right amount and in the right quantity at right time in their Daily life. So it is essential for a person to eat those type of Food which provides better Nutrition to their Body for increasing their Body for any type of Simple as well as Difficult work.

Corporate Health and Wellness

It is as simple as maintaining a proper timetable for Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks and Dinner. Adding more of Green Vegetables, Sprouts, Fruits and Organic Vegetables than one with more of Chemical in it. Many of us are eating their food before 7 as it is reported by the Scientists that every food for its Digestion takes at-least 4 Hours to completely digest the Food and give Energy to the Body. So It is recommended to the people to eat their Lunch and the Dinner before the Evening time to make their Body consume the Food and Digest it in a lot of Time properly. Always take advice from Doctors, Nutritionist and Fitness Trainers before doing any activity and consuming food.

Celebration of the National Nutrition Week!

National Nutrition Week is celebrated for making people aware of benefits of Eating proper Nutrition Foods, maintaining their Health and Lifestyle. It is very easy for the people to maintain their Body, but it is very difficult for the people to decrease or increase their Body when they have high weight or low weight. It is very Important to recommend the Doctors to get a proper treatment to increase or decrease their Body for making their Body as per their well Body requirement.

Healthy FoodNow many of the companies are also giving Seminars from Doctors to Employees about how to maintain good health. Every people should get better Body for their work in any Small as well as Big Companies. Nowadays every Company requires that type of person who can be able to take a lot of pressure and work for more Hours with all the difficult as well as Simple Tasks to be achieved in a particular time period. People today are used to work for more than 12 to 14 hours and they are pressurized to do all the work for a limited time period. So It is important for every people to keep their Health Better with proper Nutritious food to be eaten daily to keep their Body better after a lot of stressful work.

Child HealthIt is very important to look after the Health First for doing any type of work easily and accurately without any mistakes. One should not take any type of Powders or Medicines of the Health without the recommendation of the Doctors. Today there are lots of people who are using many of the Nutrition Products for their proper Health and to increase their Body for any huge amount of work. Many are used to go to the Gyms to make the Body to give a proper Shape and Size and to make their Body grow in order to do a lot of High amount of stressful work.

Nutrition is an issue of survival, health and development for current and succeeding generations. Make a Pledge to give your child. #EarlyStartToHealthyLife!
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