Mommy Mood Swings


Mommy Mood Swings

motherhood: mood swings in pregnancy 4Being a mommy is physically exhausting; it drains out your energy. In fact feeling tired & mood swings are the first symptoms of being pregnant, but gradually things start falling in place, a routine will set, kids will grow and your body regains the new shape, which has no relevance with your kid. The thing which never changes will be your emotions about your child, after those two pink lines arrive in HPT Kit.

And the Journey begins…

mood swings in pregnancy Those 9 months were just beginning of the journey. As first step is always the toughest, so, it is with this journey. When I saw the first two lines for the first time, It was 5 AM, exactly 8 hrs after my last pee(OMG!!!!!). Waited for 30 seconds, two pink lines arrived… and again, I waited for another 5 minutes, are they disappearing again? Is that crazy… Nah! Its first sign of being a mommy, always thinking twice for her kids to be assured that nothing will go wrong.

Then, we took the kit and rushed to nearest Gynec possible. She denied an appointment! I couldn’t believe that, I was so angry. How could she, I asked the receptionist again;” BUT I GOT POSITIVE HOME PREGNANCY TEST”. She replied calmly;”Yes Mam! But you hamood swings in pregnancy 3ve to wait till 45 days from your last period.” Call gets disconnected. I wanted to yell at her, but I know my gynec is best in business and she was so positive in the last appointment of prenatal planning. I can’t afford to lose her. I counted every single day.

Finally, I met my Gynec, I was 6 weeks pregnant, according to blood test done.mood swings in pregnancy 2 I refused to have any symptom like nausea. So,no medicine, just continue with the normal healthy diet and one prenatal vitamin. I asked with teary eyes,” will everything be alright doctor?” I have this constant fear since I knew that I gonna be a mommy soon. She told me ;”Of course!” for a moment i was so relieved I can’t express.

When I heard Heartbeat of my Baby…

motherhood :mood swings in pregnancy So, since then I have to come every month for a checkup. In my 10 weeks checkup, I heard the best music of my life  “ Heartbeat of Baby “ with that little Doppler. I was so relieved. So. In every check-up since then I got to hear that dhak dhak. But in 6th month visit doctor tried again and again but couldn’t get that sound. I was anxious!!! So.. So… anxious! Doctor took me for scan… what we saw a jumping baby. She told me “look, how naughty she is,whenever I put Doppler at one place she jumps at other “. I can’t express how much stress I got  in those 10 mins, how many times i thanked God.. I ended up crying once again with joy.

Preparations for the D-day…

Since then elamaze-class: mood swings in pregnancy very scan every heart beat just filled my heart with joy and gratitude. But the biggest day was arriving and all those labor stories and scenes in TV terrifying me. I joined my Lamaze classes to learn the techniques, but that technicality of birth scared me more. My mom was my emotional anchor and her one line filled my heart with confidence” Only a mother can give birth. So, you can.”

Finally, on D-day, my Lamaze classes helped me a lot because those breathing techniques reserved my energy between contractions and distracted my mind so well that labor had managed really well.

The Best ever feeling was when I held her…. Nothing was as great as it. Allmood swings in pregnancy pains are nothing in front of that one sight. It was so good that can’t express in words. These 9 months a would be mommy gets loads of mood swings just because she is riding on emotional roller coaster  but the end sight is so amazing that it leaves every mom spellbound..

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