Indian healthcare – a shift from curative care to preventive care


Indian Healthcare

HealthcareHealthcare in India is evolving and seeing an optimistic change & acceptance. With Technological innovations and disrupting start-ups coming into play, Healthcare in India is getting all the support needed to transform and stand in this journey of evolution.

The healthcare ecosystem in India today empowers patients while creating knowledge around the conditions, results and practices, thereby enabling patients to monitor, track, and analyse their health and fitness in real time.

There were days in past when a person visited Doctor, whenever someone got ill. Feeling sick was the trigger to go and see the Doctor. With the introduction of various community driven initiatives and availability of information assets, a culture of “Being Fit, Live Healthy” has been started in the community.

The question comes, from where the push is coming?

Community Initiatives

community healthcareGovernment of India in past couple of years has started a series of programs to incentivize people on maintaining fitness and well-being. People are given tax rebates on various spend on the individual wellness. There are condition management and community health initiatives like Diabetes control and management, NHRM helping spreading health awareness amongst the people of India.

Of late but not too late, the insurance sector in the country has realized the importance of Healthcare and wellness in not only improving the health of the policy holders but also bettering the ROI while reducing the number of claims. Insurance companies are offering wellness programs to the corporates, communities and are incentivizing people to maintain their health.

The corporate culture in the country has evolved from the time where the individuals were considered only an employee who work for wages to a solid and building block in the company. Today, the corporates have “Employee Wellness” as a major component in the Employee CSR budgets. Corporates are enabling employees with platforms like, where the employee can assess their health risks, maintain their and family health profile, connect with Doctors, get known to the black box of health care conditions and FAQs.

In short, Healthcare @ Corporate is no more a compliance but is a well thought initiative for the betterment of employees.

The Remarkable Shift in Patient-Doctor Relationship

healthcare-doctor-patient relationshipBefore the emergence of health management platforms and knowledge centres which exist today, patients lacked the resources to understand their Medical and Fitness strengths, and relied primarily on their physicians for feedback and management. The feedback was given by the Doctors in 15-20 minutes of which most of the time was spent in watching the outdated reports.

Today, Healthcare is seen more as a collaboration between the Patient and the Doctors, where-in the patient believes in the Doctor being consulted, sharing the health records online with the Doctor and getting remote advises. This has led to the emergence of the concepts of “Peer to Peer forums”, “Second Opinion” and “Tele Medicine”. People are ready to connect with Doctors online, share their experiences with other individuals and get benefitted themselves as well as help others as well.

The Doctor-Patient relationship has evolved on the paradigm from a “Parent Child relationship” to the “Peer-Peer Collaborations”.

Better access to the knowledge assets

healthcare-knowledge-baseRather Patients, I would use the word “Individuals” today believe in benefits of understanding the health conditions rather than just knowing them.

India is a Sweet country, and has large chunk of population in the diabetes segment. The country has more than 65 million diabetes patients, and about 80 percent of those cases are caused by obesity. In 2009, there were about 800 weight loss surgeries being performed as compared to 18000 in 2014 to more than 50,000 in 2016. Number of people undergoing weight management programs has increased drastically some thousands to more than a million as in 2016.

Thanks for amazing information distribution by search engines like google, Knowledge banks like WebMD, AllizHealth care which are helping people to know more about the conditions, their outcomes and how to prevent these conditions rather than just curing them.

healthcare 2To summarize, we are on the brink of revolutionizing the healthcare system by making a valuable transition to a knowledge motivating, patient-driven preventive care system which is More Accurate, Easily Accessible, Informative, and Technology enabled.

The country is shifting from “Curative care to Preventive Care”

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