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As many of us already know, the cases of lifestyle diseases are on a rise in India. It is observed that unhealthy eating habits, stressful work environment, lack of proper rest, increased consumption of alcohol and smoking together with lack of exercise are some of the most common health hazards that lead to these conditions. Some of the common lifestyle diseases seen today include diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, cholesterol, stroke, osteoporosis etc.

Although most people are aware of the prevalence of such diseases, they tend to ignore the chances of contracting them personally. The reason for this could be the common Indian mentality of visiting a doctor only for curative care and not for preventive care. Symptoms of these conditions are often ignored by people either due to lack of seriousness or probably due to ignorance. These lifestyle diseases also tend to affect the productivity at work place thereby adversely affecting the organisation as a whole.

Corporate Responsibility:
Regular health screening is one of the effective ways of detecting these diseases at their early stages. Unfortunately, India do not have a system where every citizen has to go through a regular and mandatory health check-up. Hence, one of the ways to show due diligence towards building a healthy society is for corporate organisations to take up the onus to conduct regular health screenings for their employees. Since most of the lifestyle diseases are manifested among the working age group, this system can be beneficial to promote a healthy lifestyle.

What is HRA?
Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a wellness program designed for corporate organisations to improve the overall health status of their employees. HRA tools prove to be crucial in educating the employees on various aspects of health and wellness care. An HRA plan for any organisation ideally covers the following steps:

1. Questionnaire for employees – the employees are expected to fill details about their:
a) Personal health parameters such as weight, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.
b)They are also asked to enter details about their lifestyle habits and behaviours like diet, alcohol consumption, smoking habits etc.

2. Computation of risk – based on the information received from the questionnaire, the probability of an individual employee having a particular disease then or in the future is calculated. For e.g. if an employee has included a lot of fat content in his/her diet, has mentioned to be a regular smoker and leads a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise, then the HRA calculates the probability of him/her to get a heart disease to be on the higher side.

3. Personalised health reports and educational messages – the next step would be to provide each employee with a health report based on their individual examination by a team of medical experts. This report would include personalised information about his/her health, the recommendations and changes to be made in their lifestyle and also about any medical advice for any particular disease he/she has been diagnosed with.

HRA tool from AllizHealth:
AllizHealth tie up with corporate organisations to design HRA tools for the employees. Our objective is to ensure a healthy workforce that promotes better productivity. Our HRA tool includes the following aspects:

  1. Health assessment of employees that include both condition assessment and lifestyle assessment. These assessments are done by our team of eminent doctors from some of the renowned hospitals in Bangalore.
  2. Provide the employees with their individual health status report
  3. These health records are stored in an electronic health record system that can be accessed only by the individual employee with the help of a unique Patient ID and password. Going forward he/she can use this tool to store all their further health records. Thereby, there is no hassle of storing the hard copies of the record system.
  4. Tracking of referral cases of employees and helping them reach the right physician for the right medical care.
  5. Educate the employees on various aspects of personal health care and create medication trackers. This can be done via. SMS, E-mails or phone calls.
  6. We provide them with the facility to book online appointments with doctors, test lan centres and also for online refilling of medicine.

Benefits of working with AllizHealth:
a) We are not affiliated to any hospital/insurance groups. So, the assessments are unbiased with no hidden agendas.
b) Unlike Hospitals/Labs who want to do the assessments to sell their services, we would be doing the assessments to point out the areas of concern in the health of the employees and then help them find resources for further assessments. The hospital/lab that the employee goes is left to their decision.
c) Unique and proprietary tool which based on an initial assessments, cognitively leads employee to the next set of assessments. So, what is required and what is not, is decided at runtime by the tool.
d) The health assessment report of the employees ensures privacy of information and won’t be shared with the employers too.


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