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Flu – Measures to Take

How dangerous is flu?

All of us, have heard how dangerous flu is not in any specific season but all. While flu is common, an estimated that over millions of people every year get it. It’s the serious thing because it can land you in the hospital. Here are Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Tips that can help you stay healthy.

Symptoms of Flu –

Symptoms of Flu

A cough and runny nose or a congestion Sore throat

Runny or stuffy nose

Muscle or body aches


Vomiting and diarrhea (more common in kids than adults)

Common Symptoms of flu are –

Fever and chills

Fatigue and achiness all over

Who is at risk?

Risk of Flu

Some people are at high risk of developing serious flu-related complications like chronic health conditions or pneumonia. For those who all are a high risk of developing complications, it is essential and important to get vaccinated every season. For people facing serious flu complications should visit Doctor to check for such symptoms and should take vaccination and antivirals.

Other than healthy young adults, pregnant women, babies, residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities – people with medical conditions such as –

– Asthma

– Neurological conditions such as brain disorders, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, intellectual disability, spinal cord injury, etc.

– Chronic lung disease like COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

– Heart Diseases

– People with high BMI or with extreme obesity

Flu Measures to Take –

Measures to Take for Flu

Cases of flu are increasing day by day and there is a lot you can do to reduce your risk for same.

– Take vaccination on time. Don’t avoid a simple change in your day to day routine and don’t find a chance to avoid flu vaccine, because later it may cause you more problems. It’s not too late!

– The sooner you visit Doctor and start treatment, the better. Let your Doctor know if you find any symptoms that are suggestive of the flu.

– Stay home and take rest. The more you rest the sooner your body will recover.

– Avoid contact with others when you fill symptoms of flu. As flu is contagious and spread fast.

– While coughing cover your mouth with an elbow, not by hands.

– Wash your hands with soap and always keep sanitizer with you.

Other tips to protect you from Flu –

– Avoid contact with sick peoples or at least limit your contact with them.

– Stay home for 24 hours after your fever is gone without taking any fever-reducing drug.

– Take preventive measures to help prevent the spread of germs.

– Maintain proper diet when you suffer from flu. Diet rich in protein will make immune stronger and help fight against bacteria.

– Sanitize the place where you sit, work and present most of the time. It’s just basic hygiene.

– Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth because germs spread this way. Cover mouth and nose with a tissue when you a cough or sneeze.

– Stay at least three feet away from a person who is sneezing or coughing. Breathe out till you cover safe distance because inhaling when someone sneezes can transfer bacteria’s to you.

– Avoid sharing things like food, pen or any items that can spread germs.

– Having adequate sleep is a good habit for optimal immune system functioning and to prevent respiratory viruses like the flu.

– Special care when you are at public places like a shopping mall, theater, airport, a restaurant, etc. this is the places where people generally visit and get infected.

Common Cold and Flu –

– Sneezing? Tired of it? And unable to stop? It may be the common cold or the dreaded flu. Most of the symptoms of common cold and flu are same, and it is easy to mistake one for other.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

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Speak to a Specialist
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