FAQ for Annual Health Checkup Appointment Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd.


Please visit Sterlite Power portal. Click on “Book Appointment“. If you have already registered you will be able to see the book appointment option on the left-hand side menu. Else you need to login to book an appointment.

Sterlite Power

How to login to the portal?

Sterlite Power
Enter your

Login ID: Employee ID 
Password: Your Date of Birth in a DDMMYYYY format for 25th July 1998 it should be 25071998 or for 7th September 1991 it should be 07091991.

How will I know which package I am eligible

Once you login you will be able to see the following page, where the eligible package is are divided as below 40 years and above 40 years, based on the details we have received.


What is the process flow for Appointment Booking

The eligibility of the packages has been decided as per your age.

Can I get further discount on the pkg or test

All the packages are highly negotiated. We would not be able to offer any further discount on these packages.

How to cancel or reschedule booking

Login to your profile. In the right-hand side click on “History” and 

For any further assistance, you can always write to customercare@vivant.me.

What is the process after booking an appointment?

After booking an appointment you will

  • Get an auto generated booking successful email.
  • Once the appointment get confirmed from the lab you will receive a confirmation mail.
  • Receive an reminder call 12-24hrs prior on how to prepare for checkup.

What all documents do I need to carry while going for the check up

You need to have the printout of the confirmation slip, company ID (I-card) and any government photo ID while going for a checkup.

How to prepare for Health Checkup

Having regular checkups is extremely necessary for staying healthy and serve as a forerunner of impending disasters in the form of diseases and ailments. ReadMore


  • Fast for 10 hours from your check-up appointment time.
  • You are allowed to consume only plain water during the fasting period.
  • Inform the staff at the reception if you are on any medication. If you are on any medication, please remember to bring along your medication.
  • Do not consume any form of alcohol 48-hours before your medical check-up.
  • Do not wear any jewellery or bring along any other valuables to your medical check-up for safety purposes.
  • Do not wear contact lens; you are encouraged to wear your spectacles instead.


  • It is advisable to make your appointment 5 to 7 days after your menstrual cycle.
  • If you are menstruating on the day of your appointment, please re-schedule your appointment as it will affect the urine.
  • Abstain from having sexual intercourse 24 hours (1) day prior to the check-up.
  • Avoid vagina creams/spray or medication for 48 hours before your medical check-up.
  • Avoid using deodorant/body talcum on the chest area (for mammogram procedure, applicable to those above 40 years of age).

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