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Eye Care … Do You Really Care?

Eye Care Tips

Are you one of those people in the world just taking sight-threatening disease casually? Not taking care of it by regular check-ups and avoiding it though it’s giving you some sort of symptoms? Then your eye might be in trouble my friend and you might not even aware of it.

To look at this beautiful world more beautifully and love the way it is the most important thing is to take care of your eyes. There are some diseases like glaucoma, which have no early signs and symptoms of eye pain, itching and anything, but it results in total blindness and loss of vision. So taking proper care of eyes by regular follow-ups and check-ups will help detect any of such eye problems in early stage and protect us from vision loss and blindness.

We use our eyes from the moment we get up till night we again fall asleep, but we do not think whether we are taking care of our eyes or not. Some simple care that most of the people avoid in their busy schedule:

1. We skip our eye exam thinking they are good
2. Often sleep wearing contact lenses
3. Give a proper break to eyes from Technology
4. Don’t touch too much, dirty hands do affect them

eye care

Eyesight’s is one of the most amazing precious gifts to persons so spread the word to your loved one and make sure you do your Eye check-up this Eye Care Awareness Month.

People nowadays become more conscious of their diet plans, to stay physically active and to be fit but the health of eye is also as much important as other things and with proper eye care more than 85% of blindness is avoidable.

Tips for Eye-Care on this Eye Care Awareness Month:

1. Eat Well. Good eye health starts from food in your plate.
2. Visit Ophthalmologist or Doctor in case you any small eye problem.
3. Find on your own which face wash, face creams and food habits are making problems to your eyes.
4. Wear protective eye-wear when working on computers and watching TV, also make sure you wear a sunglass that helps from sun rays.
5. Quit smoking, drink enough water and sleep well.

Eye Care Awareness Month

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