Side effects of excessive exercise …


Side effects of excessive exercise

Side Effects of Excessive Exercise

Working out offers amazing health benefits and fit body. But according to expert overtraining and working out more and in excess have negative side effects and many of them are pretty serious. If you found out there are things that are affecting body due to over exercise then that might be the perfect call to listen to it, slow down and give a rest by not doing as strenuous as you were. Always remember pushing yourself to a little pain is always good and one thing but if you’re plagued by these symptoms, then listen your body might be telling you something. Do consult a trainer, who can help you to create the program, diet plan, and exercise routine.

Low Performance

1. Low Performance

While doing exercise, if you feel low or dip in your performance when you’re doing an exercise like cycling, zumba, running, swimming it means that your body is being pushed too hard and it indicates that the of work you are doing in excess.

2. Energy Drop Down

If one is missing the workout he or she used to do or if you feel physically and mentally tired then it means your body needs a rest and doing exercised high will automatically make you tired and dull for rest of your day.

3. More is not always good

Exercise can quickly become unhealthy when it took to extreme level or when the body lacks proper nutrition. A person who is struggling with perfectionism, rigidity, obsessive/compulsive behavior, addiction or eating disorders is particularly at-risk for engaging in over-exercise. This person starts out exercise in high intensity and in a very tight way to change their shape and loss weight but can easily slip into patterns that become compulsive.

Poor Health due to Exercise

4. Poor Mental Health

The research found that Anxiety, Depression, and Poor Mental Health is the main cause when one exercise more than 7.5 hours a week. If you exercise more affects your health internally and makes you overstressed and lead body to confusion and anger.

5. Heart Problem

Ever thought doing exercise will lead to heart problem? Yes, you heard right. A researcher found that the one with existing heart problems, who overdo high-intensity exercise are at the greater risk of heart attack or stroke. It also affects you when you grow older by creating irregular heart rhythm. Always check heart rate before doing exercise and after finishing it. If it is already increased from your normal that means your body is overworked.

6. Dark and Reddish Urine, Missing Periods

After your workout, if you notice a color change in your urine it could be the sign of a condition called Rhabdomyolysis. Here substances from damage muscle tissue leak into your blood. It also affects your Kidney and can cause Kidney Damage.

Traning to hard and pushing limits to extreme level while working out for women, they may start missing their periods.

7. Fat Gain

Trying hard to reduce fat but unable to see any change in body fat instead is increasing then it might be the case you are in later stages of exercise overload.

Diagnosis of Excessive Exercise-

Steps to Stop Excessively Exercising

Addiction to an exercise is not easy to diagnose because one thinks it is good to be and become fat. Most of the people who are overdoing does not see anything wrong with that behavior and they don’t report the same. Though there is not a proper diagnosis recognized but increasing fitness obsession and decreasing social activities commonly indicates exercise addiction. So instead just lifting weight and spending your most of the time in the gym get out of this abnormal exercise patterns by asking Doctor or Trainer will help you maintain a journal of your workout routines and social activities.

Steps to Stop Excessively Exercising –

Steps to Stop Excessively Exercising

1. Create an Exercise Journal

Make a proper schedule for every day, keep note of the amount of exercise you do and time. Also, check for your thoughts and feelings at the same time. It will not only help you keep track of your daily exercise but checks overall Mental and Emotional Health as well which in turns helps you to see a pattern in your excessive exercise triggers.

2. Making changes in exercise routine? Plan before you do …

It may be change in the exercise of what you have actually decided in your routine, thinking of doing your exercise one day less a week or change the type of exercise you are doing daily. It will help you do not become overly exhausted.

Try to reduce duration and intensity of workout

3. Try to reduce duration and intensity of workout

The important thing to get recovery from excessive exercise and also to focus on the social life you must make very gradual changes. Make yourself comfortable by slightly reducing your time and intensity of workout first by a few minutes now for you it is really important to get yourself recover as soon as possible.

4. Make exercise fun loving and social activity

Don’t get frustrated, irritated and disappointed with things and people around you before starting up your exercise because we don’t have to take anger out in the gym. Instead of doing exercise alone make some friends who do love doing exercising in fun way and in a way such that it won’t take you to next level and end up hitting you to excessive exercise.

5. Listen to your body

Don’t just go with the flow. Take time to rest your body as well and reduce the intensity of your workout … It will make your body feel better and energetic. Know, read and consult with Doctor or Trainer for benefits of resting also, it will help you improve and get rid of excessive exercise.

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