Whats your Risk of Type II Diabetes …


Diabetes Quiz

“Managing your diabetes is not a science, It’s an ART”

Diabetes Quiz

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day will be observed on 14th of November of every year. And AllizHealth has developed a simple questionary based quiz on “Know Your Risk of Type II Diabetes“, also check get your Diabetes Test done.. Why not test your knowledge about a Diabetes, know Type and Risk associated with it.

Diabetes, It’s only a word, not a sentence…

World Diabetes Day

Nearly millions have been diagnosed with diabetes and millions more have prediabetes, and the thing is they are not aware of it. Yet Diabetes is number 2 cause of killer in the world. It kills 1 person every 8 seconds. Almost 90% of the people have type 2 diabetes and it has increased tremendously among children. Know Risk of Diabetes among your loved ones and keep them healthy by following a healthy diet. Get your Sugar Test done with AllizHealth Comprehensive Health Packages.

Diabetes awareness: Because it matters!

Know Your Risk

Patient with Diabetes is all over the world. It occurs when the body is no longer making use of the insulin it is producing or pancreas is no longer making new insulin. Insulin is the one who is responsible for generating energy in our body. It makes sure of what we eat i.e. glucose intake reaches cell and produce energy. If it will not fall into place, then there is unused and unnecessary built-up of glucose which then will harm other body parts and damage them.

Stop Diabetes… Know your Risk

Stop Diabetes

In Diabetes the blood sugar level or blood glucose level is higher than the normal. Though you are new or you’ve had diabetes for awhile, the quiz will show you the good you are doing, an effect of it with scale range from Low, Mild, Moderate and High and you then can Search, Compare & Purchase Diabetes Check-up Package and also view detailed reports with Preventive Measures. If you found with High risk of Diabetes then you do have the option to review your result with Diabetes Expert.

Know Where You Stand

In a country like India, there is a huge knowledge gap between any disease and this is due to lack of awareness among the people. And thus Diabetes Quiz might be the most needed Quiz to know and to spread awareness among us. AllizHealth has developed a simple Quiz of Diabetes it consists of 9 question which will take more than 2 minutes. You with your near and dear ones can take a quiz and is absolutely free for everyone.

Diabetes test – Normal and Diabetic Ranges

Parameter Normal Pre-diabetes Diabetes
HbA1c (%age) < 6% 6 – 6.4% >6.4%
Fasting blood glucose (mg/dL) <99 100-125 >=126
Random Blood Sugar mg/dL) <140 140-199 >200
PP Blood Sugar (mg/dL) <140 140-199 >200


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