Guide to Detox your Body After Diwali


Detox Body After Diwali

Detox body after Diwali

Diwali is over but has left all of us with great fear i.e. now how to lose weight which we gained in the festival of lights. We relaxed a lot with family and friends and at the same time, we have indulged in various delicacies and we thought it comes once a year so it is fine to indulge.

Diwali Memories

Now the festival has left us with lots of good and sweet memories but its time for reality check. The sugar, fats and spicy food which we have intake with love now its time to say goodbye to them and eat some real food. Your body wants to recover from the “little too much fun” which we had during those overindulgences and be back to normal. Don’t worry sit relax because here are some clean eating habits that help you get rid of your Diwali weight.

Drink lemon water as soon as you wake up

Lemon Water

To bring a change in your health it is always better to start from the small change in routine. Take a glass of warm water a with half a lemon squeezed in. Have it on empty stomach and you also can sip that throughout the day. Drinking lemon water in morning help to flush out toxins and sugar from the body thus good for weight loss, it also encourages healthy digestion and helps form acidity and burning heart.

Eat more salad


Vegetables like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage and fruits like papaya, apples, custard apple will help you eat less of food and keeps your body full of good vitamins and nutrition. Eat it before your meal it will make you fill amazing by removing toxins from the system.
Keep raw vegetables chopped so whenever you will feel like munching you can eat that.

Say no to processed food

No Junk Food
assorted junk food

Try to cut down your sugar intake, calories food, carbohydrates and fats. Drink tea or coffee with very less or no amount of sugar.
Don’t drink soft drinks, ice creams and anything that contains sucrose or artificial sweeteners. Also completely ban sugar-laden food form your diet for some days. It will help you clean your system fast and also in healing. Cut down all bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits – refined grains.

Exercise Regularly


Walk at least 40min in morning will help get body movement. No need to join gym or expensive activities for exercise and burning calories. Walk and take stairs instead of a lift, it will help you keep your heart healthy. Do activity what you enjoy the most like dance, run, swim and make a body move while sitting also. Push yourself and get going.

Eat home cooked food

Home Cooked Food

The first and foremost priority is to eat home cooked food for next month or so. Get your body healthy by following good diet meal in your lunch and dinner. Talking on outside food, they are high in salt, sugar, oil and starch. No doubt they are yummy and tasty but it will affect your health a lot cause you’re continuing eating the same and more hazardous food than what you had in Diwali. In-home cooked food you have control over ingredients and cooking techniques. You can easily prepare good food in less time than ordering it from outside.

Eat fresh and with concentration

Eat Healthy

Turn off your TV, keep mobile aside, don’t read any newspaper or magazines, just sit with all your family members and focus on your meal rather than any daily soups or world news. Don’t eat fast eat slow and steady, chew every bite of your food enjoy and relish. You will know when you are full and then you can stop yourself from overeating.

Take care of yourself

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t keep a gap of more than 4 hours in your meal it is not good to keep blood sugar level stable. Add some protein in your every meal this will not only balance your blood sugar level but will also curb unwanted cravings. Use olive oil as primary cooking oil. If you’re non-vegetarian eat cold water fish by avoiding any other meat. Eat more of seeds and nuts in your snack. Eat with pleasure and savor every mouthful.

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