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Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness has been quite a key focus for organizations nowadays. Even from medium sized SMEs to Large Multi-nationals, Corporate Wellness has emerged as one of the KPI for the organizations.

A healthy employee strength not only help employees but also helps employers. Healthier workforce helps organizations increase productivity, motivation, lessen the stress and thereby reduce absenteeism. This helps employers to reap high dividends at the effectively same cost to the company.

One Size Does Not Fit All

employee healthAlthough, Employee wellness have now been bundled as an employee benefit and a critical process to the organization, unfortunately, the programs designed are not data driven and seemed more of One size fit for all. A major chunk of health/ wellness budget in organizations is spent on activities that may not be applicable for the employees at the location where the activities are executed. E.g. if at a location, employees are not Diabetic and the organization is spending a lot on HBa1C or advance diabetes test may not be worth. These investments and activities are not driven by any data and there are no tools available to the employees to measure the effectiveness and measure the effectiveness of the programs.

The answer to this problem is going data driven way to analyze the current and historical data, plan and then execute the wellness initiatives. Information derived from data helps organizations to identify the right set of programs to be provided to the right group of employees, engage employees in focused health initiatives leading to better results.

And the bigger question is how it is possible?

allizhealth wellnessAllizHealth has been a leading player in the Indian sub-continent enabling employers to digitize and archive employee health check-up history and effectively presenting the employer with year-on-year health trends to effectively monitor the effectiveness of the initiatives.

AllizHealth has a proprietary “Health Risk Assessment” tool to capture employee past and current health, clinical and non-clinical aspects. These assessments assesses the employee strength in 13 different risk categories and weight employee wellness in different

  1. Dr Mohan’s Diabetes equation
  2. Framingham heart risk score
  3. DASS 21 Stress assessment
  4. BMI and Obesity score

All these clubbed together gives a health score to the employee along with a personalized report covering lifestyle changes and a guided approach to better their health.

The journey starts from the basic “initial check-up” covering the marker tests like Blood Pressure, BMI, WHR, Total Cholesterol, Fasting / Random Sugar. Once the check-ups are done, the health data is posted to individual’s profile. These marker tests along with the Health Risk Assessment given by the employee provides an insights on Health initiatives and focus areas by the department, location and various other clusters and the next steps can be planned by the HR.

Wellness score Analysis

corporate wellness

Risk metrics of an organization at a given program year.

risk analysis

There has been quite a varied study performed on various health risk areas bundled with many risk prediction models. With the ability to cluster the information by different parameters, the HR can plan focused programs. Imagine, a diabetes management program is executed in a location where the most people are diabetes is of high interest among the employee of that particular location against launching the diabetes drive in all locations of the organization.

organisation healthAnother case could be a stress management initiative with games, motivational activities will help highly stressed units in getting a relief to the employees. AllizHealth has been working in this space for quite a long and has partnered with more than 30 corporates from Mid-Sized SMEs to large multinationals. AllizHealth enables organizational HRs with various tools and enablers to slice the data in a way that effective programs can be planned and executed.

AllizHealth not only enables the organizations with the analytics, dashboards, clustering to effectively plan the programs but also close the gaps by providing wellness services covering the following areas.

  1. Health Coach
  2. Check-ups
  3. Second opinion
  4. Share Reports and Documents
  5. Condition management

Health Portal

To summarize, Programs like Health Coach, Health Talks helps employees to better their well-being. However, without proper planning these programs will remain half- baked initiatives and may not be that effective from the organization’s perspective than a focused data driven approach to the wellness.

— Gaurav Vij

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