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– Cavities Dental Issue –

Fight Against Cavities

What are Cavities?

Most of us are aware of the risk of cavities, but what we understand is not actually sufficient, the problem is more widespread than that. Cavities are a permanently damaged area on the hard surface of your teeth that leads to little holes or openings. Cavities also called as tooth decay or caries. Cavities led to fundamentally damage for that tooth, it causes discomfort and long-term serious problems if left untreated.

The hole in teeth begins to fill with the bacteria, called plaque, which is beyond your toothbrush’s ability to reach and clean. It then slowly starts destroying outer hard shell called ‘Enamel’ and the inner shell called ‘Dentin’.

How Cavities Form?

Types of Cavities

Dentists have reasons for their patient to stay away from sweet products. A cavity takes birth when the bacteria in our mouth interact with the refined sugars and carbohydrates, they generally found in sweets or soda. This bacteria and sugar combine together to produce acid, this acid then further is the responsible loss of protective calcium and phosphate in your teeth’s enamel. Cavities are formed by weakened enamel and exposed dentin and may crack your teeth.

Cavities are also formed when you have dry mouth and this happens as you have less acid-neutralizing saliva guarding your teeth.

Who gets Cavities –

Many of us think children get cavity as they eat lots of chocolates and dairy products but the fact is not only children but adults too get infected. As you grow old the gum form your teeth get to pull away, might be due to gum disease or if you eat more sugary products in your diet.

Symptoms –

The signs and symptoms for cavity are not same for all countries or region and vary accordingly. When it is just the beginning you will not feel any symptoms. But as decay gets larger some of the following sing and symptoms occur:

Symptoms of Cavities

Risk Factors that causes Cavities –

Risk Factors of Cavities

Every one of us has the risk of getting cavities now or then, but here are some of the important factors that increase its risk …

Location of Teeth –

Cavities mostly occur on the back of our teeth (molars and premolars). We can’t reach to the back of our teeth while brushing and it is very difficult and hard to keep them clean. Back teeth also contain grooves, pits and crannies, and multiple roots that can collect food particles a major reason that produces cavities.

Some of foods and drinks –

Food that holds on your teeth for a very long period of time is the reason to cause decay, than food that gets easily washed away with saliva. Food such as milk, ice-crème, honey, sugar, soda, cake, chips, etc.

Habit is to Snack and Sip on every other minute –

When you are continuously munching something or other and that too sugary drinks or snacks, then your mouth produces more bacteria from food. It then results in the production of acid that attacks your teeth and wears them down.

Bedtime Feeding –

When babies are feed at bedtime with juice, milk or other edible’s which has sugary thighs in it, then their teeth hold up acid that is responsible for cavities. Because the food remains on their teeth for hours. This damages babies’ teeth and often called as baby bottle tooth decay.

No care for teeth –

Not taking care of teeth and eating anything that harms your teeth. Also not cleaning teeth soon after you eat and drink. It will cause cavities as plaque start spreading in your teeth.

Dry Mouth –

Saliva helps in washing food and plaque in teeth. It also helps counter the acid products that produce bacteria. Some medications such as Chemotherapy, medical conditions are also responsible to make mouth Dry. Basically, lack of saliva causes dry mouth and then can lead to cavities.

Complications –

Considering today’s lifestyle and other health issues we generally ignore cavities and will not take them seriously. We do ignore cavities in children thinking it will not matter much in their baby teeth.

Complications of Cavities are:

– Pain in tooth

– Tooth abscess

– Chewing Problems

– Swelling around tooth

– Broken or damage teeth

When cavity becomes a series problem then one may have:

– Pain in teeth that causes problem in your daily activities

– Weight loss as one will not be able to chew and eat properly

– Tooth loss in early age

-Tooth abscess, if get worse then may even create even life-threatening infections

Tips to Prevent Cavities –

Maintaining good oral and dental health is very important and here are some tips to help prevent cavities.

Prevent Cavities

Brush twice a day –

Brush your teeth in the morning as you get up and at night generally after your meal. Ask dentist for any specific toothpaste or toothbrush. Use fluoride-containing toothpaste to clean your teeth it will help clean and remove sugary products from your teeth that are mostly responsible for cavities.

Rinse mouth properly –

Check with your dentist whether you have a risk of developing cavities if so use a mouth rinse with a fluoride-containing toothpaste. Rinse your mouth after 30 minutes of your meal because enamel is most vulnerable during this time.

Get Dental check-up on regular basic –

Ask dentist for a proper schedule to keep the regular check on your oral health. One who smokes and drink should keep teeth clean and should do the regular oral exam. And it is also recommended for others, it will help prevent and detect problems of teeth at an early stage.

Baby care –

Always take out a bottle from your baby’s mouth during he/she sleeps. Wash bottle gently with hot water it will allow you clean the bottle and will also remove small particles which will stick later in teeth and are responsible for cavities.

Proper dental sealants –

A sealant is a material used for sealing teeth so it will feel your gap in them. The plastic coating applied to the chewing surface of the back of your teeth and protects tooth enamel from plaque and acid. Sealants last for the longer span of time before replacing only if it checked on regular basis.

Eat food that is healthy for your teeth –

There is much food and drink that you can eat and drink to maintain good teeth health. Avoid food that gets stuck in your teeth and will stay for longer period of time, or brush soon to avoid any damage to your teeth. Fresh fruits and vegetables generally help to increase more saliva and coffee, tea with less sugar will help wash bacteria.

Antibacterial treatment –

If your tooth decay is due to medical conditions then the dentist will ask you to take antibacterial treatment. Treatment such as mouth rinses or other that may be effective and will help you cut down your bad bacteria’s in the mouth.

Types of cavity fillings –

Cavities Filling

Care of cavity filling –

Take care of your filling once done the pain and sensitivity will be part of it but don’t neglect oral care routine. Try a product that suits your sensitive teeth.

Tooth filling usually stays for a longer span of time before replacement. But the human body is a machine and teeth are part of the machine and we do have to care for same. If you notice any sign then it is always recommended visiting dentist cause once the filling is damaged it will cost more and may cause the tooth to crack.

Bad Breath
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General Diet Plan
Personalized Diet Plan


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