Facts About Blood Group


Blood Group

Blood Group tests are done to check the Blood Type of an individual. Human Blood is classified into four blood Groups: AB, A, B, and O. Variation in Blood Group is caused by presence and absence of antigens(Rh antigen & Blood Group antigens A, B & O) on the surface of RBC.

Blood Group Combinations

Blood Group Combinations

Blood Group Combinations
A A Positive, A Negative
B B Positive, B Negative
AB AB Positive, AB Negative
O O Positive, O Negative

Blood Group Test: ABO test

The ABO test is performed to determine blood Group Antigens: A, B, AB, and O.

Blood can be transfused between two individuals with same blood group or compatible blood group (same antigen) If the Donor blood has different antigen, then antibodies of recipient’s plasma will kill the donor blood cells immediately, hence causing a transfusion reaction. A transfusion reaction can lead to serious illness and even death.

Blood Group Type ‘O Negative’ is known as Universal Donor as it does not carry any antigens. ‘AB positive’ is known as “universal recipient” as it has Both A & B Antigens. But it is always advised to go for a blood group test for compatibility match before carry out a blood transfusion because some minor antigens present on RBC can also initiate transfusion reaction.

 Blood Group Test: Rh test

Rh Test is performed to determine the presence or absence of Rh Factor or Rh Antigen on RBC.

 Why is Blood Group Test Done?

A Blood Group Test is done:-

Blood Group

 How Is Blood Group Test Done?

Blood Sample is drawn from the individual’s arm from a vein with the help of a needle.

 Blood Group Test Risks

There are rare chances of having any issues while taking a blood sample is drawn in a right way. Inform your pathologist if you have any blood linked disorders, or if you are undergoing any Blood-thinning medications such as Aspirin.

 Blood Group Test Results

Blood Match Type:

Recipient Blood Group Donor Blood
A- Negative A- Negative, O- Negative
B- Negative B- Negative, O- Negative
AB- Negative AB- Negative, O- Negative
O- Negative O- Negative
A+ Positive A- Negative, A+ Positive, O+ Positive, O- Negative
B+ Positive B- Negative, B+ Positive, O+ Positive, O- Negative
AB+ Positive AB- Negative, AB+ Positive A- Negative, A+ Positive B- Negative, B+ Positive O- Negative, O+ Positive
O+ Positive O- Negative, O+ Positive

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